Tweed 2017 — old story in a new way

Fashion is always cyclic, everything new is actually well-forgotten old. Not without reason mother’s or even grandmother’s items became to the hit of the season. For example, tight leggings came from the 1980s and a simple dark dress with oval collar, which conquered red carpets and catwalks this spring. But we are eager to know in advance, what to buy for a new season. After estimating the latest collections of the biggest fashion houses of Europe fashion critics predict the triumphant progress of tweed in the 2016/2017.

Tweed is a hard woollen material, which is used predominantly for making-up jackets and suits. According to all projections it will join the ranks of the most popular attributes of the fashion collections in the coming months. Warm and comfortable tweed for creating autumn and winter wardrobe is especially of current interest along with leather and fur.

In all fairness, it should be noticed that this original English fabric has never abandoned catwalks. Since famous Coco Chanel made-up the first collection of well-known woman’s tweed costumes in the 1950s, tweed is often used by designers. Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Alexander McQueen and other fashion houses present collections with tweed annually. However, up to now tweed fashion has never been ubiquitous. The reason is a widespread prepossession that “tweed is old-fashioned”. And now this is what tweed has been waiting for.

According to estimates tweed items will take its place in the wardrobe of every fashion-monger not depending on her age, lifestyle and profession in winter 2016/2017.

Classic of the middle of the 20th century will rise again with tweed. During a long period of time all the world fashion moves smoothly in this direction.

Woman’s tweed costume: a novelty of the 21th century or imitation of Coco Chanel?

Tweed is a noble and aristocratic material, which is associated with an important and sedate English gentleman of the beginning of the 20th century, with crime stories of Agatha Christie and black-and-white photograph of Gabrielle Chanel.

While Coco Chanel made-up only woman’s costumes and classical jackets of tweed, in other words she made-up things, which tweed was intended for, in the 21th century tweed has a wider application area. In 2016 all is made of tweed! Dresses, vests, shorts, even ankle boots.

Modern tweed is almost twice thinner and more delicate than tweed of the previous generations. It means that tweed costume 2016 will be a brand-new fashion item.

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