Tweed products from Holland Esquire

Holland Esquire is a relative young but very popular trademark, which specializes in making-up of exclusive classical clothes of natural English fabrics. The company was founded by Nick Holland, son of a popular in the 70s British tailor, who made-up suits for famous businessmen, high-level public officials, and even representatives of high estates.

It is known that the English stood always a little bit apart from couture fashion, and at the same time the world admires designer collections from Britain. There is nothing what could point even distantly at vulgarity or eccentricity, which always trenches on gaudiness. Is it a little bit insipid, sad and boring? It’s possible. But it’s good old England which adheres to the own traditions and doesn’t endure familiarity. And in spite of glance of models on the French catwalk, who strike with floridity of design and fertility of imagination of designers, “sad English collections” remain second to none.

British clothes interest permanently the richest people of the planet, Hollywood stars and mighty representatives of business circles. What is special about it? There’s nothing except for noble cuts, high-quality woollen fabrics, tailoring and fixing of magnificent quality.

Tweed from Holland Esquire

Of course, ambitious and young Briton dreamt of couture fashion, when he mastered tailor skills and learnt secrets of making-up of good clothes from his father. However, while being a famous designer he remains a true Briton, therefore he adhered to the traditions of his country while creating designer collections.

Tweed, cashmere, merino wool, broadcloth, woollen suiting are the main materials, which are used by the designer for making-up men’s coats, jackets, riding suits.

The designer pays much attention to the details which give tweed clothes unique identity. Even hunting jacket Holland Esquire can be recognized easily by contrast silk lining, unusual shape of buttons or original combinations of colours. At the factories Holland Esquire many processes are carried out by hand, what enhances quality of products, of course.

Not so long ago the owner of the brand was invited for thematic photo shoot “10 best Britain’s fashion designers in one room at Harrods”. His name is well-known far beyond the Misty Albion, and men’s brands are acknowledged the most original and elegant hits of the season. Company representatives are called to the best European companies in the capacity of consultants.

Why tweed?

Can a Briton not use tweed in his collections? Of course, not. It’s very good, elegant items, which emphasize natural aristocraticism and fine English tasty. It’s enough to see things from Holland Esquire collection once, to make sure that they are exclusive, noble and of high-quality.

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