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The famous material tweed is known not only for stylish, beautiful and affordable clothing, but also for accessories, among which women’s bags are of particular interest.

Any woman would knows that people will remember even the most modest and severe look if it is complete with wisely chosen accessories. While out-of-place and vulgar accessories will definitely ruin even the best designer dress.

You can’t do without accessories at all — a dress or a suit will look boring, plain, not flattering your female individuality.

Women’s Bag as an Integral Part of Your Look

Fashion jewellery, gloves, various scarves and belts — you could probably do without them, but a modern woman can’t appear in public without a smart bag.

It’s not only due to comfort (mobile phone, purse and cosmetics bag should always be within reach), but to fashion and etiquette. Remember that even stars and socialites usually have small bags in their hands on the red carpet, even if backstage numerous bodyguards and assistants await backstage and could keep the important possessions for some time.

Which Bag to Choose?

In fall/winter season classic, reserved, but eye-catchy bags are preferable. A tweed bag meets these requirements. Besides it is fairly exceptional and adds a shade of aristocratic chic to your look. A certain amount of attention is certainly guaranteed!

A tweed bag can be both plain (usually grey or brown) and with Scottish tartan. Such a print adds a stylish British accent. Besides houndstooth print on bags is extremely popular. Similar design was a top-trend in the 1970s and is triumphantly coming back nowadays.

Don’t be afraid to get caught in the rain or snow with such a bag — thick and durable fabrics won’t let moisture in. That’s why overcoats and other outwear are made of tweed.

Tweed bags are usually strengthened by genuine leather accessories, sometimes big leather tassels are used as decorations — just like in a Scottish sporran.

To acquire a tweed bag is to make your look bright and particular: you will never be unnoticed in the crowd as this accessory will match perfectly any fall/winter outfit.

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