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Waistcoats Pippa Green Pink
Pippa Green Pink
Waistcoats Pippa Pink
Pippa Pink
Waistcoats Pippa Lilac
Pippa Lilac
Waistcoats Pippa Blue
Pippa Blue
Waistcoats Pippa Charcoal
Pippa Charcoal
Waistcoats Pippa Mustard
Pippa Mustard
Waistcoats Pippa Blue Red
Pippa Blue Red
Waistcoats Pippa Lovat
Pippa Lovat
Waistcoats Isobel Charcoal
Isobel Charcoal
Waistcoats Betsy Brown
Betsy Brown
Waistcoats Iona Purple
Iona Purple
Waistcoats Iona Brown
Iona Brown
Waistcoats Iona Charcoal
Iona Charcoal
Waistcoats Iona Grey
Iona Grey
Waistcoats Iona Navy
Iona Navy
Waistcoats Iona Moss
Iona Moss

Tweed: a long way to the woman’s heart

Despite the fact, that waistcoat is considered mostly an item of men’s clothes, this detail has become one of the favourite women’s things long ago. Long and short, similar to corset and with loose cut, made of fur, leather and wool waistcoats are worn to complete the strict classic or interesting image. However, women’s tweed jackets are a particular case with a long and remarkable story.

“The pledge of love” of tweed

Tweed costumes came into women’s fashion owing to Coco Chanel. Her long and passionate love affair with an English duke made her love British elegance, tweed and Scotch check. Her collections of the 20s were the result, although tweed waistcoats found their admirers only in the 50s.

The majority of stylists couldn’t think about using heavy tweed for making-up clothes for women. Nevertheless mademoiselle Chanel often got her ideas from men’s wardrobe shocking the snobs of the upper class and creating unique images many of which are still popular with girls who are following fashion.

The same occurred to women’s waistcoats. Coco pursued a goal to get comfortable clothes that wouldn’t have hindered movements. The secret of tweed’s success was not so much in fabric as in tight silk lining.

Of course, the first reaction was disregard. But “the child of British love” was extraordinary viable. Tweed waistcoats Chanel inspired many stylists, and the fashion house Chanel made tweed costume a permanent attribute of annual fashion shows. One of the latest fashion weeks was not an exception. Karl Lagerfeld paid tribute to the tradition and honoured fashion icon when he presented elegant tweed clothes as part of Chanel Haute collection.

Gradual turning into classic

As a part of women’s clothes classical waistcoat was altered and it led to creating of many popular models and uncommon images. Typical men’s variant of waistcoat with three buttons over one-colour white shirt is still relevant. There is nothing better to support the office style.

Knitted waistcoats will help to look more facile and feminine. They look harmonious with skirts of the classical length, trousers and even jeans. Long waistcoat put on the polo-neck will make a real reserved English image.

The certain advantage of the waistcoat is its versatility. Waistcoats not depending on the length and the design are good combined with the majority of things. They are appropriate on the walk, in the office and on the business meeting.

Following the advices of the experts one can buy women’s tweed waistcoats but it doesn’t warrant a showy appearance. The main purpose of the fashion items is to emphasize the individuality. Make your own eye-catching and fresh image, take tweed as a basis but complete the classic with the proper accessories and the success is assured.

In the fashion world all is fleeting, designs, colours and fabrics are changing, maxi-skirts are turning into mini-skirts rapidly. However, the legendary tweed waistcoats are timeless. They were stylish supplement 50 years ago and keep holding the field today.

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