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Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Charcoal
Sarah Charcoal
Women's Tweed Jackets Tammy Mustard
Tammy Mustard
Women's Tweed Jackets Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Blue
Louise Blue
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Red
Louise Red
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Pink Check
Louise Pink Check
Women's Tweed Jackets Lousie Green Check
Lousie Green Check
Women's Tweed Jackets Lousie Lilac
Lousie Lilac
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Turquoise
Louise Turquoise
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Blue Green
Louise Blue Green
Women's Tweed Jackets Louise Burgundy
Louise Burgundy
Women's Tweed Jackets Claire Hacking Brown Multi
Claire Hacking Brown Multi
Women's Tweed Jackets Hacking Charcoal
Hacking Charcoal
Women's Tweed Jackets Claire Hacking Brown
Claire Hacking Brown
Women's Tweed Jackets Hacking Cerise
Hacking Cerise
Women's Tweed Jackets Hacking Green Blue
Hacking Green Blue
Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Mustard
Sarah Mustard
Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Blue Red
Sarah Blue Red
Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Red
Sarah Red
Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Cerise
Sarah Cerise
Women's Tweed Jackets Sarah Lovat
Sarah Lovat
Women's Tweed Jackets Carrie Grey
Carrie Grey
Women's Tweed Jackets Amy Red
Amy Red
Women's Tweed Jackets Amy Blue
Amy Blue

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Women’s tweed jacket

According to famous stylists, women’s tweed jackets will be very popular and relevant in the autumn-winter period in 2017/2018. Even the fashion house Chanel headed by the well-known designer Karl Lagerfeld presents a tweed collection in this season (however, they rarely do without this material). Coco Chanel, who laid the basis for the modern women’s fashion, wore tweed jackets that she invented and made herself. Thanks to La Grande Mademoiselle the unknown hitherto women’s tweed jacket became popular with the most stylish stars of the 50-60s. And then other women appreciated its convenience, beauty and practicality.

What is the women’s tweed jacket combined with?

When you buy the English tweed jacket, you will have a multi-purpose thing, which not only will emphasize your taste and protect you from the cold and dampness but also will suit other clothes made not of tweed. Texture of the tweed item is usually heterogeneous: the fabric is made of woollen threads, tints of which are sorted out carefully and match to each other good. Because of heterogeneity of the material and colour the tweed jacket can be combined with the different things of the various colours. It makes the high-quality tweed jacket one of the main items in your wardrobe. It completes you image and individual style regardless of the clothes you will combine it with.

Tweed jacket looks amazing with silk, leather or fur details. The jacket can also be completed with rich silk scarf, leather gloves, brooch with fur brushes.

Advantages of the tweed jacket

English tweed jacket for women has a good cut and carefully treated seams, thanks to it the jacket fits ideal and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Besides tweed is very warm and wearproof and can protect its owner from differential temperature easily. In the winter it can be worn in the office and in the autumn and spring it will turn into stylish and comfortable outer clothing.

Women’s tweed jacket can be worn in the street, although ten years ago it was believed, that it is possible only for men’s models. You can buy women’s tweed jacket instead of usual light jacket and get a multi-purpose high-quality thing “two-in-one”. Thanks to the durability and wearing qualities of the material the tweed jacket will serve you a good while.

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