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How did trousers get into the women’s wardrobe?

Before the 1940s trousers were not a part of the women’s wardrobe. But then women began to work in factories, doing traditionally men’s work, and because of safety reasons they needed to start wearing trousers. At first, they just had to wear men’s trousers but with a growing all-women workforce in the early 1940s trousers had to be designed for women. Trousers were much easier to work in than a skirt or dress, especially in manufacturing jobs, where skirts could get caught in machinery. At first, trousers were only worn while working, but in the end of the 40s trousers became casual women’s clothes.

Tweed trousers — New Look

Tweed trousers grew into fashion owing to Coco Chanel. The majority of stylists couldn’t think about using heavy tweed for making-up clothes for women. Nevertheless mademoiselle Chanel often got her ideas from men’s wardrobe shocking the snobs of the upper class and creating unique images many of which are still popular with girls who are following fashion.

Nowadays tweed is in fashion again. Apart from classical variants new elegant models began to appear. Tweed trousers are made from high-quality wool, and their cut will emphasize femininity of your figure. The trousers will go with everything from smart shirts and silk blouses to cashmere knits and they will serve you season after season.

When you buy Harris Tweed trousers, you will never be wrong with cut and silhouette. Classic is eternal, it looks elegant and pertinent in any situation. It is hardly to say about the trendy models of the current season, which had to be combined with other clothes of certain colours and texture. In classical Harris Tweed trousers you will look awesome in outing and in the office.

Besides, you will definitely like the high quality of the Harris Tweed trousers. And, perhaps, you won’t experiment with models and designers and will stick to the brand Harris Tweed for years. Trousers made from the best Scotch tweed will serve you at least some years. Tweed is very wearproof, it is easy to clean and it doesn’t need any special care.

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