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Overcoats Tori Charcoal
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Plaidy Red

Tweed coats

If you imagine an English gentleman in the classical jacket when you hear the word “tweed”, we can surprise you: this material suits ladies equally. Lighter modern tweed, which is very comfortable and warm, earned confidence of the women all over the world. Many women who are following fashion wear tweed coat, and they are extremely satisfied with their choice.

Tweed coat will make a figure

Experienced stylists believe that tweed has a wonderful quality: this fabric can mould a figure. Tweed coat of a proper size will fit you ideally. The scotch fabric has an amazing colour palette because there are some painted woollen threads (about six on the average) in tweed that are interwoven. Blending of the threads makes inimitable tweed’s relief and colour, which any other texture can’t copy.

Your coat won’t fade in the sun because tweed is a natural fabric which resists sunbeams best of all. But beware of moth, which likes to enjoy itself in the wardrobe. However, you needn’t to worry much about this. If you are going to buy a tweed coat, buy also lavender sachet, and it will frighten off the pest.

Designs of tweed coat

As any fabric, tweed is limited in the variants of coat’s designs because of its texture and colouring. But when you choose a suitable silhouette, you will look perfectly! If you are fond of original fit, you should definitely buy a tweed coat.

Stylists offer:

  • models of formal style for casual occasions;
  • fashion city style military;
  • youth tweed coats unisex;
  • tweed coats decorated with fur and leather;
  • extravagant short-cut coats similar to long jupe;
  • coats with insets of silk and knit-wear and with adornments of beads.

At the height of fashion

Tweed coat allow you to make any image. A classical one: with leather gloves, bag and shoes of the same colour. An elegant-aristocratic one is with felt hat. Country style: with scarf, cable-knit hat and boots without heels. High boots will emphasize militancy of the coat in the military style but classical ankle boots, on the contrary, will help to soften it. Dress or tight jeans, fur or velvet – it’s for you to decide. Give a loose to your imagination!

Fashion has its own implacable rules: luxury, style and tweed! That is why when you choose tweed coat, you get at the same time cosy warmth, time proved quality and ultramodern style.

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