Autumn tweed accessories

In the height of summer one just can’t think about forthcoming cold weather! But it is said to repair a cart in December, so let’s speak about fashion tweed accessories for autumn.


Above all, it should be mentioned about classical tweed bags. It’s an excellent choice for autumn! Tweed bag creates an atmosphere of smooth womanly classic around its owner. Tweed bag in tartan colour reminds of good old England. It will match with woollen coat, leather jacket or woollen costume. And salt and pepper colour will enliven and complete severe black jacket.

Tweed scarf

Every year women have a problem: it’s difficult to choose a scarf which will match with a coat, especially if the coat is not sole-coloured but with insets in different colours. We advise you to pay attention to tweed scarves. Owing to traditional complex mix of coloured fibres this scarf will put you out of the agony of choosing. Harmonious multi-coloured pattern of tweed fabric matches with coat or jacket of almost any colour.

For black coat choose tweed scarf with black-and-white warp. Scarf with brown base tone fits for coat of any other colour.

Tweed hat

Genuine British classic — men’s tweed hat or kepi gives you feeling of self-confidence and tranquillity. Another piece of good news is that tweed headwear suits for everybody without any exception, so there is no need to waste your time for vexing choice.

Women’s tweed headwears are usually more attractive and exquisite. Kepis and Gavroche-kepis evoke associations with youth and ingenuousness.

Tweed shoes

Novelty of the forthcoming autumn is exquisite tweed ankle boots presented to the public by the fashion house Chanel. Of course, these shoes need special treatment and carefulness by wearing; they need to be protected from mud and water. However, tweed shoes show a special status. In the beginning of the 20th century aristocrats wore white gaiters, special patches on the boots. The gaiters, originally created to protect expensive shoes from mud and dust, turned into a marker of social standing of their owner. It’s unthinkable to come along the street in the snow-white gaiters, they signalled that a person sets feet only on parquets and carpets. Tweed shoes have similar function. They will hardly be mass street shoes but to a person with fine taste it will say much and be a pass in the upperclass society.

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