Clothes from Great Britain for admirers of British style

Those, who like all genuinely British and who want to dress like Londoner ladies and gentlemen, will especially adore putting on a suit or a coat arrived from the United Kingdom. British quality is second-to-none. You can learn it by experience trying on models from the shop TweedRoom.


One of the most British materials is, of course, tweed. It is worn by Sherlock Holmes and the Royal Family, it inspired Coco Chanel and inspires Karl Lagerfeld, it delights connoisseurs all over the world.

Modern gentlemen appreciate jackets, trousers, waistcoats and coats made of high quality tweed. Elegance and style are beyond competition!

Fair ladies can treat oneself with tweed costumes or cardigans in Coco Chanel style and also with skirts, coats and waistcoats. Tweed will add elegance and exquisiteness to any image.

Duffle coats

Authentic British coat, which protects from frosts and other poor weather conditions, is, of course, duffle coat. You can experience genuine quality of British duffle coats, which have as unparalleled material properties as magnificent outside appearance.

Both men and women can find excellent models of duffle coats.


Image is defined by details! You can add spice in your style trying on classical English accessories:

  • different models of tweed caps;

  • hats;

  • original belts;

  • exquisite flasks;

  • elegant cuff links;

  • retro watch and chain and many other things.


Traditional Scottish kilts from casual to festal models will be perfect present for those, who prefer free and jolly Scotland. You can combine them with sporrans, hose and flashes, headwear, kilt pin or beautiful fibula.

As you can see, connoisseurs of all British can treat themselves and make a wardrobe worthy of a genuine British.

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