Collaboration of Harris Tweed and The Earth

Inspiration comes through creativity. When two interesting brands begin their collaboration, as a result, they will surely create an original product, which will fill with enthusiasm fashionists all over the world. One of the brightest examples of such cooperation is collaborative work of the English brand Harris Tweed and of the Korean brand The Earth. The result hit it out of the park.

Fashion comes in the streets

It is not believed anymore that fashion rules are made by the great people behind closed doors of corporations and glossy magazines. Modern style comes in the streets of the big cities. It’s not without reason street style is so popular. Street fashion is democratic and creative, city mods find a plenty of fresh decisions and images, which get around the world.

The Korean brand The Earth belongs to street fashion area. Bags, backpacks and various accessories are the very things, which young and stylish audience need. Combination of utility and gorgeous construction of the The Earth production won hearts not only of Asian customers, but also of adherents of street culture all over the world.

Appeal to traditions

The world style story, Harris Tweed, is famous for blameless quality of its fabrics. High-quality tweed suits perfectly to everybody, especially to street fashionists. A hint of aristocraticism and dignified English style decorates any image, all the more so as all the British doesn’t go out of fashion.

Much to street style adherents’ delight Harris Tweed and The Earth had combined and presented the world beautiful bags, backpacks and accessories made of branded English tweed. Famous quality, guaranteed by the British brand, combines with stylish look of the The Earth models. These bags, purses and backpacks will please creative thinkers, representatives of street culture and all those, who want to create harmonious and stylish image. This English-Korean cocktail is popular all over the world – try it!

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