Collaborations of famous companies: cooperative development of tweed models

The word “tweed” sounds familiar to everyone, who read works of English classical literature. Main characters of the famous novels of Dickens and Conan Doyle, Wodehouse, Jerome and Agatha Christie wore coats, capelets, suits, cardigans made of tweed, hard-wearing and durable as well as all, what is made in the Foggy Albion. This original symbol of Great Britain is of the same importance as morning cereal, leather handbag, checked plaid and strong tea with milk.

The most famous company, which produces tweed clothes and shoes, is Harris Tweed. This company based its production on the old ancestral traditions and cooperates successfully with the best designers of Europe. Respect to the oldest producer is so high that it is considered to be an honour to get permission to use brand-named tweed for making-up exclusive models. It goes without saying that it is more flattering to make collaboration with Harris Tweed.

Tweed collaborations

One of the most successful projects of the Harris Tweed corporation is partnership with the company Nigel Cabourn. Two giants of sewing industry created a number of original models, which were highly appreciated by followers of classical fashion.

Samples from AW collections 2010 (jackets, short overcoats, cardigans) gained special popularity. The model Cameraman Jacket was acknowledged the best in the category “sports classic”.

British company Folk is also a long-time ally of the company Harris Tweed. Stylish and elegant men’s short overcoat Wool Overcoat has appeared as a result of collaboration of these producers. The very material used for making-up of this model is a corporate brand.

Historical models of Priestley’s Vintage

Tweed fabrics Harris Tweed are used also by small companies, which specialise in manufacturing of sewing products in retro style. For example, the company Priestley’s Vintage reconstructs models, which were popular before. It can be military uniform, dandy’s coat, hipster’s dress, high-quality tweed jackets and more.

The company makes up items, which were worn by outstanding period representatives: well-known physicist, popular actress, famous sportsman. All models are made of tweed created in keeping with technologies of that time, when the sample of clothes derived from.

Percival blazers

This company uses soft tweed Harris Tweed for making-up blazers produced in short runs. Design and fabric’s quality of items are considered to be exclusive. Material (100% wool) is remarkable because it keeps warmth and is lightweight. Light and elegant blazer made of English tweed can be bought only in company store Percival.

Nike Air Royal Harris Tweed

Shoes with tweed upper are also popular. Of course, this is not about winter boots but about gumshoes, moccasins, women’s and men’s lace-up shoes. These amazing products are not suitable for rainy weather but exceptionally comfortable in chilly autumn days.

Soft woollen fabric is nice to touch, keeps warmth perfectly and doesn’t let cold air in. These comfortable and stylish shoes are made by the famous brand Nike and produced in Glasgow with the use of unique technology Hebrides.

Only some become widely known collaborations are listed above. The company Harris Tweed is always opened for partnership but only with the best designer and sewing companies.

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