Headphones — tweed music

At first sight such an unusual and funny accessory as tweed headphones fits in well in autumn. These headphones are made of the best tweed Harris. It is a perfect reason to begin an acquaintance with tweed clothes and accessories. If you already have other tweed items in your wardrobe, tweed headphones will complete it.

Harris Tweed, of which these unusual headphones are made, is a real source of pride for Great Britain. This kind of tweed is patented on the basis of a special bill.

Tweed headphones made by Swedish company

The Swedish company Urbanears is a true finding for music lovers, who don’t want to part with favourite music even in the street. There are high quality dynamics in leather pads under warm fabric braid.

These headphones are thought out. They can be folded compactly and packed in special cover. Perfect news for travellers.

There is a handy microphone for switching over talk or recording on the cable. Cable length is 1.2m. It means, you can put the walkman in a pocket or a bag.

Who will like tweed headphones?

Tweed headphones can be an excellent present both for a business person and for an aesthet of any age, a music lover, whose image doesn’t let him use cheap plastic headphones. Tweed headphones are appropriate even in Milan, the world fashion capital!

What are tweed headphones combined with?

An ideal pair for tweed headphones Harris can be, of course, tweed jacket. If you haven’t it yet, there is not to worry about. Tweed matches well with any clothes in classical style, made of leather or pure fabrics.

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