How to remove stains from tweed?

One of the advantages of tweed clothes is its durability, unpretentiousness and reliability. However, you should take right care of tweed jacket or suit, so that it can serve you as long as possible. There’s nothing to it, but following certain general rules will essentially increase lifetime of a tweed item.

Tweed is a woollen fabric with nonhomogeneous relief texture. It repels water and foul smell well and it is soil-resistant. Nevertheless, tweed clothes need cleaning sometimes, especially if you want an item to look as good as a new one.

1. A dirt stain soaking into tweed (liquids, fats and oils).

If you find a dirt stain on your tweed suit (mud, which has worn in it deeply, or stains from spilled soup and so on), wet it immediately with water. For this purpose a piece of soft cloth or a loop towel are best suited. Try to wet only a dirty spot. Clap the stain softly. By no means rub the stain intensively, otherwise it will soak in the woollen fabric deeper. Change the cloth or rinse it, when it becomes dirty.

2. Dirt stuck to tweed.

If you messed tweed in thick semifluid substance (wax, sauce, clay or soil splashes), firstly you should dry clothes. When dry, clean the stain with a soft brush. Possibly, that will be enough.

3. If a tweed suit got dusty.

Just clean tweed with a vacuum cleaner. Put on on hose a little cap or a small brush. Clean all the surface of the tweed fabric carefully.

4. If you still have a stain on tweed.

In case, if you’ve tried to wash the dirt off with water, to clean it with a brush or with a vacuum cleaner but unsuccessfully, then try soap. Take gentle wash cleaners. Solve wash powder or washing-up liquid in warm water. Avoid aggressive cleaners! Make a gentle soap solution with foam. Wet a sponge or a brush in this foam and rub the dirty stain carefully. Try not to wet the rest surface of tweed fabric. Then remove the traces of foam with clean water from the fabric (refer to point 1). At the end of the process let tweed clothes dry naturally.

Let’s strike the balance

Thus, the main thing is to remember the broad tendency. Tweed will serve longer, if it is not soaked for every little thing. Least of all it needs hand washing or a washer. Local cleaning of the dirty pieces of clothes is enough, preferably, without chemical agents and other cleaners.

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