How to take care of tweed?

A few centuries ago the Scotch didn’t even think about taking care of tweed, which was used to make versatile coats. Tweed items were worn without taking them off unless they got out of order. However, it goes without saying that in the modern world it is not acceptable. Tweed care is a vital need like taking care of any other fabric.

How to wash tweed items?

Tweed is a woollen fabric. All the woollen fabrics get dirty only a little, they are not easy to crumple and are durable. The best thing for woollen fabrics is a very careful hand washing without pre-soaking and wringing. It is recommended to use special cleansers for washing woollen fabrics.

In laundering in a washing machine or in hot water woollen items can shrink. For this reason it is recommended to wash items made of tweed and wool in cool water. The clothes should be rinsed in water of the same temperature.

Dry tweed items on a level surface, best of all between two towels. This way you can avoid deformation of tweed fabric. Tweed overcoats, trousers and skirts should be ironed only on the inner side through a damp cloth.

Some producers recommend cleaning tweed items only with dry method. Dry cleaning is a warrant of gentle care of tweed. If you want a high quality tweed item to serve you more than one decade, take it to a dry-cleaner.

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