Nike x Harris Tweed: for active admirers of tweed

Decrease of interest in tweed products was documented several times in the history of fashion. This material has so good characteristics that refusal of it would be a mistake. Being aware of this, top range brands including sports brands began to use tweed as one of the main material when creating their collections. Following the iconic company Converse Nike produced several lines of sports shoes for manufacturing of which tweed was used.

Tweed model Air Max

Training shoes for carrying out trainings Air Max are a sort of masterpiece. They suit perfectly for those, who appreciate comfort most of all but don’t like classical sports shoes.

Upper of the training shoes is fully made of grey tweed in which thinnest fibres of blue, gold, red colour are interwoven. Lining is made of breathable fabrics. It can be said that the producer used traditional for Air Max technology for making sole. Poly urethane is soft, and heel amortizes. Thanks to that, footstep is not so tensed.

This model is unique because it was produced in a short run. That heightened public interest not only in company’s production but also in tweed.

Winter models with tweed insets

Nike offers its followers to pay attention not only to training tweed shoes but also to winter models. Running shoes Dunk Tweed in particular suit for young men perfectly. To produce them genuine leather in combination with tweed was used. There is fur inside.

These shoes can be used in winter also because their sole is unaffected by freezing temperature. It keeps its plasticity and doesn’t chap.

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