Pullover with tweed

Do you want to wear tweed jacket with pullover? There are some surprises for you!

Size of tweed jacket

Choose size of jacket taking into account size of pullover. The best thing is to try on jacket over pullover. But if you don’t have this opportunity, remember that there must be enough room under the jacket. Besides, pullover lifts jacket a bit that is why jacket should be longer than you usually wear.

It’s important to remember that density of tweed fabric influence fitting of jacket. Pay special attention if sleeves are loose enough and how buttoned jacket looks. For convenience you can try on knitted vest instead of pullover during fit test. Also to get rid of a necessity to correct size of jacket, you can choose pullover made of high quality fine wool with close weaving which doesn’t need much room under suit.

Colour of pullover

Colour of pullover should be suited for colour of jacket. Classical rule of compatibility of tints “cold with cold and warm with warm” is applied here. Any contrast colours and combinations are quite risky and acceptable only occasionally, when your image is utterly informal. Classical colours for pullover are tints of brown, black, grey, quiet green and blue.

Cut of pullover

Pay attention to collar of the pullover, which you are going to wear with tweed jacket. Best choice would be crewneck or fit turtle neck like the one which polonecks have. By the way, poloneck can be good alternative between a necessity to take a jacket of too large size and a wish of comfortable knitted warmth. Avoid pullovers with V-shaped cut: two angles on the chest look not very well.

Dress code of Tweed Run

Well-known tweed bike rides Tweed Run are carried out generally in autumn. Then pullover with turtle neck put under jacket is a real finding for your health. The very combination was worn with tweed jackets by English hunters of the early 19th century, that is why correctly chosen pullover will provide you not only with warmth in autumn but also with perfect stylish image!

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