Shirts with tweed suit

Classical tweed suit, which almost hasn’t changed since Dickens, becomes more and more popular as formal clothes. Indeed, it’s unfair, that such a hard-wearing material is limited with street fashion. Nevertheless, when asserting self-expression, don’t forget that English style is always a fair play. A suitable for tweed three-piece suit shirt increases chances of successful change in dress-code many times.

Shirts with tweed suit: how to choose sure option

First of all, remember the first rule of colour combination: with jacket or waistcoat with surface pattern one doesn’t wear checked or striped shirts, let alone more colourful variants. The single exception is a combination of tête sole check with Donegal Tweed but for accurate recognition of patterns experience is needed. All the rest imperfections are excusable with a little bit of charm at hand: firm handshake and warm smile to ladies will be enough.

Basic principles of style for real fashion-mongers

If you intend to compete with dandy by birth, solid approach to the problem of choice of a shirt to tweed suit is needed. Due to specificity of manufacturing tweed gains characteristic pattern. Depending on texture of the fabric and ornamentation, which appears from interweaving of five threads belonging to five diverse kinds of yarn, there are different types of tweed: Harris, Donegal, Petipa, Cheviot and so on. Preferable colour of a shirt depends on the class to which your jacket or waistcoat belongs.

The most affordable suit is a Harris, Bedford cord or Cheviot suit in khaki colour. Any light-toned shirt with classical collar suits here. More severe tints of Petipa pattern or herringbone pattern (blue, dark-green, dark-brown) are combined with white or cream colour of the shirt. Adherent of Preppy style can afford also a bow.

Houndstooth pattern needs the most soft-glove treatment. The pattern is considered to be rich on its own, therefore any shirt apart from sharply white will look gaudy. Maybe, for the first little while it won’t be simple to gain insight on tweed’s complex patterns. But can some difficulties stop a true gentleman?

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