Tweed is the best choice in autumn time!

Everybody knows what tweed is and what it looks like. It should be mentioned that tweed is quite a hard fabric which is made of sheep wool and has British (and namely Scotch) origin.

Tweed appeared and spread about the end of the 19th century, and up to now it is argued about its origin. However, these arguments don’t influence widespread appreciation and relevance of the fabric. Tweed is associated with English quality, functionality and reliability; it is appreciated by admirers of high-quality clothes and is in demand up to now. Excellent coats, jackets, cardigans, trousers, skirts and various accessories are made of different types of tweed.

Especially good tweed clothes are in chilly autumn. Moreover, they are ideal for autumn time! There are some reasons for that: firstly, natural qualities of the material, secondly, its elegance.

Why should tweed clothes be preferred?

Tweed clothes will be irreplaceable for those who wish to feel comfortable and warm and at the same time be modern and fashionable. Nevertheless, all the reasons why tweed clothes should be in every wardrobe can’t be listed. We will try to mention the main of them:

  • Tweed is a hard woollen fabric which keeps warmth perfectly. That is why in tweed clothes one doesn’t need to be afraid of autumn chillness, strong wind and other bad weather conditions, for example, rain. Tweed coat or jacket with certainty will protect from wind and cold and give a feeling of comfort and warmth;

  • Tweed clothes are modern and fashionable. Diversity of material affords to make-up clothes of various styles and designs. Tweed clothes are always different, it emphasises individuality and helps to stand out of the pack;

  • Tweed is multipurpose and flexible. Clothes made up of tweed fabric combine with many other styles perfectly. Besides, these clothes can be worn by men, women and children, people of different age. Such clothes will be appropriate for everyday life and even for special events. The clothes are functional and durable and if it’s given the correct care will keep original outside for a long time;

  • Tweed clothes are always convenient. If sewn properly the clothes will give you a feeling of self-confidence and comfort. At the same time your movements won’t be hindered or intense;

  • Tweed is beautiful and delicate. It is preferred in many countries; many designers and celebrities choose tweed. It confirms that tweed fabric has its own charm and a tweed item will be an excellent complement to your elegant image.

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