Vans Vault and Harris Tweed collaboration

The fashion world is highly competitive. The famous fashion brands compete with each other constantly. There is no help for it: this is the market, only the strongest and most popular brands survive. Brand popularity is supported with high quality and availability of products. However, some global brands when they reach peak of popularity don’t try to trample competitors but, on the contrary, collaborate with them to become more famous and more popular. This situation takes place with the companies Vans Vault and Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed is a famous producer of tweed fabric. It’s not the first century Harris Tweed has been pleasing its admirers with wonderful fabrics. Tweed fabrics are very warm and long-wearing, they have rich colour grade. Since long ago tweed is worn by both the youth and people of considerable age. Tweed fabric is multi-purposed: it can look rich and at the same time quite simple. Therefore tweed finds its admirers in different social strata. It seems that another company, Vans Vault, which is well-known and held in high repute in the world of fashion, doesn’t need to be advertised. It’s not the first year shoes of the brand Vans Vault has been pleasing connoisseurs of elegance and fashion. Having an eye for fashion and using consolidating approach, the companies Vans Vault and Harris Tweed began their collaboration. This decision became an extremely advantageous and promising direction for both companies.

Using tweed fabrics Harris Tweed for design of its own clothes, Vans Vault contributes to harmony of its products. It can be noticed in the items, upper parts of which are utterly elegant and delicate, thanks to using tweed Harris Tweed, and seem to be quite traditional. Vans and Harris Tweed shoes gives some original gentlemen’s look, which becomes better and more beautiful with aging.

Vans Vault gumshoes Old School Decon LX line are presented with combination of two-colour material: Harris Tweed fabric presented in thin broken check and Horween leather on toe and heel with perforated elements. Vans Vault gumshoe Old School Decon LX line laces are made of raw hide and have silvery and bronze eyelets. Off-white rubber sole completes exterior of Vans Vault gumshoes Old School Decon LX. Harris Tweed х Vans Vault Old Skool Decon LX gumshoes made of tweed can be bought in popular online-shops. Another, so called capsule collection Vans Vault and Harris Tweed is presented with three models of gumshoes. The companies Vans Vault and Harris Tweed have launched production of collaborative collection which consists of such gumshoe models as Buffalo LX, Era LX and Old School LX. Distinctive feature of this collection is that each pair of gumshoes combines tweed fabrics Harris Tweed, cotton twill and premium class leather.

This example of fruitful collaboration of Vans Vault and Harris Tweed shows, how useful and advantageous collaboration of acknowledged global brands can be. And admirers of both companies appreciate high quality and comfort of the products.

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