What are tweed trousers combined with?

Since inimitable Coco Chanel had declared to fashion-mongers that modern women’s clothes should be comfortable and functional, they began to borrow items from men’s wardrobe. Hardwearing, warm, hygroscopic and almost uncrushable tweed trousers win hearts of the fair ladies as easy as hundred years ago they gained the affection of venturesome hunters and anglers.

Moving from blown off with cold winds golf courses and racing places in comfortable offices with controlled-environment conditions classical tweed trousers have suffered some changes, of course. Texture of the fabric became thinner and more flexible but hasn’t lost its original granular structure, which turned out to be a valuable ally at struggle for ideal figure. Thought out combination of jacket, blouse or tunic of needful design with correctly chosen tweed trousers can disguise many insufficiencies of constitution.

Wide leg trousers: for plump and elegant

It is believed that fabrics with strongly marked texture emphasize every excess pound but tweed is a special case. It makes plump women slimmer and gives skinnies lacking relief of forms. The main task is to choose design and combination with other clothes correctly.

Let’s begin with improved version of the famous English costume Coco Chanel established in formal fashion since the 70s of the last century. Straight wide leg tweed trousers and crossed jacket midthigh are a real finding for a stout lady. The more width of trouser leg is, the wider round collar of the jacket should be, which deflects attention away from silhouette.

On public holiday well-creased trousers will help to add solemnity to the atmosphere. They look better with short cut rounded jacket or blouse with low neck which shifts focus from hips to upper body. The last variant can also be worn in informal settings, when tweed trousers are combined with jumpers, pullovers and tunics in monochrome colourings.

Narrow leg trousers: for slim and sporty

Happy owners of model figure should pay attention to tweed costumes with short cut fitted jacket and slightly narrowed trousers. This outfit emphasizes small waist and long legs and at the same time smooths angular hips. By the way, lately smart tweed trouser suits began to appear in Antonio Marras collections. The suits are decorated with folkloric and floral prints.

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