What is men’s tweed coat combined with?

When buying a new coat, every man wants to get a functional durable item. Such an item, which would be appropriate for all of life's emergencies. Women prefer to have 2 or 3 coats as minimum in their wardrobe. And a man usually needs one but multi-purposed outwear. Such a coat, which one can wear when going to work or walking with family or attending important arrangements.

What is tweed coat combined with?

Men’s tweed coat is almost always ideal for these occasions. It is multi-purposed and pertinent under any circumstances. Timeless English classic will add to your image nobleness, sense of stability and reliability. Elegant tweed coat will suit for a man of any age.

Tweed coat can be perfectly combined with formal style, with classical formal suit. “Professorial” suit looks also well with it. And also casual clothes, usual jeans and pullovers.

However, you should remember that outwear should match with style of your clothes. Tweed coat matches with classical suits or jeans but it will look ridiculous in combination with sports clothes and jogging shoes. Sports clothes and shoes are pertinent only in gym or when jogging.

Men’s coat has the most elegant look with formal suit or jacket put on under it.

What length should tweed coat have?

Length of men’s tweed coat also needs attention. Don’t forget to take into account growth and age of man. Long coat suits better for a tall man than for a small. Long coats are usually preferred by adult males and young men like ¾ length coats as they are more informal and comfortable.

If you spend much time at the wheel, ¾ length coat will suit for you better.

A few words about colour

Choose the quietest colour of men’s tweed coat. Dark or typical of tweed natural shades of brown are ideal. Bright colourful coats are not desirable, especially if it is your only winter outwear.

Length of sleeve

A few words about ideal length of sleeve. Rim of sleeve should reach palm’s center or at least thumb’s floor! In addition to this, it would be better to try on a coat over jacket or any other winter clothes, which you are going to wear under coat most of all.

How to choose a headwear?

Shoes and headwear should match with your coat in colour, so that they complete each other and create a stylish combination.


Any leather boots of classical shape suit for tweed. It is recommended to avoid sports shoes with catchy logotypes and shoes put on bare feet.

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