White tweed jacket — what is it worn with?

It is worth to pay special attention to creating of a capsule wardrobe. One of its essential elements is a classical jacket. For example, white tweed jacket, elegant design of which will beautify any woman.

Peculiarities of design

The jacket holds its shape perfectly owing to unique qualities of material. By virtue of cut singularities this model suits for women with different types of shape and style preferences.

Distinctive features of classical white tweed jacket are:

  • double-breasted cut;

  • absence of collar;

  • loose egg-shaped design, which is so popular now;

  • nod to the style of the 50s of the last century.

Design of the jacket can be combined with different items, so that every time you can create images in various styles.


Classical monochrome scale will never go out of fashion. If you want to look elegant and smart, you can complete white tweed jacket with these items:

  • black pencil dress;

  • tight pencil skirt and sleeveless, all in black;

  • black cigarette trousers and lightweight jumper.

Ideal choice will be black heeled pumps. You can combine them with black clutch and a couple of exquisite gold or white gold adornments.


If you wish to make an appearance in white tweed jacket in informal setting, you can wear it with jeans. Skinny models as well as boyfriend’s jeans design will be very appropriate. Jeans can be in black, denim or blue colour. You can also put on cut-offs with blouse, sleeveless or even with ruffian T-shirt with print, depending on mood and the image you want to make. Heeled shoes or open toe shoes, pumps and loafers will complete the image.

As you can see, white tweed jacket gives you a room for experiment with images and opportunity to choose different styles every day.

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