Yesterday men’s and today women’s tweed

Heavy and hard fabric made of sheep wool, namely tweed, is known since the 19th century. Great Britain (and namely Scotland) is considered to be tweed’s homeland. It’s not a secret that tweed was originally men’s fabric only.

As a matter of fact, it’s not surprising because this material is quite heavy and hard a bit but at the same time comfortable, warm and functional. Altogether, it represented all what was necessary for a true British man. At that time nobody could imagine that tweed would be used for making-up not only men’s but also women’s clothes. Moreover, its “masculine status” would remain only as a historical fact.

Of course, tweed gained its popularity with women thanks to one of them, Coco Chanel. She admired of elegance, simplicity and functionality and also felt undisguised sympathy for some English men, thereupon she thought that tweed material could be perfect for creating women’s costume. In the 20s her jacket and tight skirt were presented to the public and in the 50s this combination won women’s hearts and gained popularity.

However, Coco Chanel wasn’t the first woman who used tweed for making-up clothes. In the end of the 19th century it was made by practical Englishwomen who decided that a perfect demi-season costume can be made of this woollen material. Besides, later in England tweed was used to make-up trouser skirts for riding. Despite this fact, tweed gained its popularity as women’s material owing to the most famous trendsetter.

Modern tweed for women

It is hard to argue with the fact that today tweed fabric turned out to be part and parcel of fashion women’s collections. Such advantages of the material as functionality, stylishness, flexibility and, of course, warmth afford to use it for making-up casual clothes and attires, which are intended for special events.

Tweed improved, began to combine with fringe, lace, bands, beads and other decorative fixtures. Its weight declined. With modern women’s tweed clothes one can create almost any image. These clothes are preferred by many celebrities.

Today the most popular items of women’s wardrobe are:

  • cardigans;

  • tailored suits;

  • skirts;

  • dresses;

  • trousers;

  • coats;

  • headwears;

  • bags;

  • shoes decorated with tweed fabric.

In any of these attires its beautiful owner will feel comfortable, stylish and modern.

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