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Jackets & Blazers Callum Utility Mustard
Callum Utility Mustard
Jackets & Blazers Finlay Brown
Finlay Brown
Jackets & Blazers James Brown
James Brown
Jackets & Blazers Edward Brown Blue
Edward Brown Blue
Jackets & Blazers Edward Brown Donegal
Edward Brown Donegal
Jackets & Blazers Martin Bronze
Martin Bronze
Jackets & Blazers Martin Green Multicheck
Martin Green Multicheck
Jackets & Blazers Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown
Jackets & Blazers Patrick Brown Red
Patrick Brown Red
Jackets & Blazers Edward Moss
Edward Moss
Jackets & Blazers Edward Tobacco
Edward Tobacco
Jackets & Blazers Martin Brown
Martin Brown

Brown tweed jackets for men

Brown men's tweed jacket will be a key item of your wardrobe. Tweed jackets are made of close woolen fabric, which protects effectively from wind and cold. There are brown tweed jackets of different design in our catalogue, both regular fitted and slim fitted, and also of various texture – with or without pattern.

How to wear a brown tweed jacket

Brown tweed jacket is a universal classic. This jacket is pertinent at any season. Combine it with shirt and trousers to make a faultless formal image. To create an image in casual style, replace a shirt by a lightweight jumper and trousers by jeans. To buy a brown tweed jacket means to get a stylish and versatile item of English quality.

Choose a model from our catalogue and define your size with the help of the size guide which is placed on our website in a flypage. Make an order online by means of cart or call us. We deliver orders in London and on the territory of Great Britain.

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