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Why Harris Tweed jacket?

Firstly, you will never be wrong with cut and silhouette. Classic is eternal, it looks elegant and pertinent in any situation. It is hardly to say about the trendy models of the current season, which are to be combined with other clothes of certain colours and texture. In classical Harris Tweed jacket you will look awesome in outing, behind the professorial chair and on the meeting with friends.

Secondly, you will definitely like the high quality of the Harris Tweed jacket. And, perhaps, you won’t experiment with models and designers and will stick to the brand Harris Tweed for years. A jacket made from the best Scotch tweed will serve you at least some years. Practical Englishmen can wear one and the same tweed jacket more than 10 years! Tweed is very wearproof, it is easy to clean and it doesn’t need any special care.

Interesting facts about Harris Tweed

Have you ever heard that in 1993 the British parliament adopted a law dedicated to the fabrics and suits Harris Tweed? According to this document, fabrics Harris Tweed must be produced only from natural wool of sheep from the Scotch pasture of the Outer Hebrides. These are the islands Harris (its name was borrowed for the local tweed), Lewis, North and South Uist, Benbecula and Barra. Dyeing, weaving and the following treatment of tweed Harris is also fulfilled in the territory of this archipelago only. The fabric is woven manually by locals, often on the same wooden benches that were used by their ancestors 2 or 3 generations ago. It’s no wonder that Britain protects and maintains such a marvellous retroproduction on the highest level.

Skilled craftsmen look after every stage of fabric’s production. Not so much owing to the fear of the law as on account of professional pride. They know that they make an excellent product and keep their secrets jealously.

Popularity of the tweed jacket

In Europe the tweed jacket became a marker of good taste and reserved men’s elegance long ago. A lot of famous designers use Harris Tweed fabrics in their collections willingly. Nobel beauty, texture and high durability of these materials are valued by such fashion houses as Alexander McQueen, YSL, Paul Smith, Margaret Howell, J Crew, Rag&Bone and Vivienne Westwood. The fashion house Chanel doesn’t present any collection without at least one men’s or women’s jacket from tweed Harris for more than half century.

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