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Overcoats Murdo Mustard
Murdo Mustard
Overcoats Murdo Charcoal
Murdo Charcoal
Overcoats Chelsea Brown
Chelsea Brown
Overcoats Chelsea Charcoal
Chelsea Charcoal
Overcoats Chelsea Lovat
Chelsea Lovat
Overcoats Boyd Mustard
Boyd Mustard
Overcoats Boyd Blue
Boyd Blue
Overcoats Boyd Brown Blue
Boyd Brown Blue
Overcoats Boyd Rust Red Check
Boyd Rust Red Check
Coats Boyd Green
Boyd Green
Overcoats Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown
Overcoats Nathan Lovat
Nathan Lovat
Overcoats Nathan Green
Nathan Green
Overcoats Joe Moss Puppytooth
Joe Moss Puppytooth
Overcoats Joe Green Orange
Joe Green Orange
Overcoats Nathan Charcoal
Nathan Charcoal
Overcoats Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone

Tweed coats for men

Thick and hard wool, which doesn’t let wind and humidity in, is used for making winter and demi-season coats. One of the most common and appropriate materials is tweed.

Men’s tweed coat is a comfortable, warm and practical thing. It was created especially for the dank British climate. It is heavier and rougher than coats or jackets made of modern synthetics and it will give you aristocratic elegance.

How to choose a tweed coat?

To buy a men’s tweed coat is a responsible task just like choosing and buying of domestic appliances. You can buy some simple and cheap thing but it is also possible to buy a high-quality product of a famous global brand. A coat can just protect from cold but it can also become an individual fashion item, which creates an image of a person and helps him or her to make a good impression.

A cheap coat from an unknown manufacturer will most likely fit worse, wear out quickly and some details might tear off. After all, you will throw it out in one, two or three seasons together with the money spent on it.

When you buy brand men’s tweed coat, you are not paying for a label with the name of a famous firm. It´s a common mistake! A true English tweed coat is made of the best tweed fabric; the oldest traditions and modern technologies are used at the same time. Finally, a brand thing will serve you much longer than a cheap analogue from an unknown manufacturer.

When you choose a men’s coat, you should pay attention not to the appearance (time-proved classics are always an excellent solution) but to such details as fabric, seams and lining.

A high-quality tweed coat will have well-treated seams on the outside as on the inner side. There should be no sticking out threads. A lining of a well-made coat lies smoothly, doesn’t billow, doesn’t stretch more than necessary and can’t be seen from the outside.

What to wear with men’s tweed coat?

Outer clothing is a multi-purpose thing. But there are some recommendations, especially if you want to have the best look possible wearing your tweed coat.

Avoid combining classical brand coat (especially brown) with jeans. Jeans are informal clothes that should be worn with a jacket.

A jacket sticking out under an outer clothing (even the most stylish and fashionable) looks ridiculous and untidy. Therefore a formal suit should be worn with a coat only. And it would be better to keep your favourite sports outer clothing for informal meetings and walks in the open air.

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