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Tweed suits for men

A usual modern men’s suit is quite conservative today. Generally, it is made of sole-coloured fabric with plain texture. These models fit people who need to comply with the strict dress code and visit important meetings with business partners. However, others can choose a less formal and more interesting variant. For those who want to look elegant and at the same time singular we offer tweed suit. It is a versatile, durable and elegant item, which is especially pertinent in cold season. You will not look too formal or solemn in tweed suit and ten to one you will make a good impression on people around you: somebody will be surprised with your choice of the suit, and somebody else will just respect you even more.

There are not so many tweed suits in numerous shopping malls. Most of them are items made of ordinary fabrics often laced with synthetics. Our tweed suits are made of the Scotch tweed of high quality which is characterised with marvellous look, strength and durability. As Michael Anton, the author of the book “The Suit”, which is dedicated to classic men’s clothes, notes, “except for the Donegals, which are produced in West Ireland, all the best tweeds are woven manually on old looms in Scotland”.

Men's tweed suits

Another important detail, which should be taken into account when choosing men’s tweed suit, is design. Tweed suits which we offer are characterised with quite versatile and modern design. These suits are not tight like the majority of items from popular designers; neither of them is baggy as some outmoded variants. Tweed suit can give you smart and elegant look, and at the same time it will never look too formal or flatulent. To put it in other words, tweed suit is a versatile item of men’s wardrobe.

Choose a proper variant of tweed suit for you in our online-shop. Tweed suit will complement perfectly a wardrobe of a modern man, who cares about his style and prefers to buy only high quality goods.

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