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Trousers Edward Tobacco
Edward Tobacco
Trousers Edward Navy
Edward Navy
Trousers Edward Moss
Edward Moss
Trousers Edward Charcoal
Edward Charcoal
Trousers Edward Charcoal Green
Edward Charcoal Green
Trousers Edward Charcoal Red
Edward Charcoal Red
Trousers Edward Navy Puppytooth
Edward Navy Puppytooth
Trousers Martin Charcoal
Martin Charcoal
Trousers Martin Brown
Martin Brown
Trousers Martin Navy
Martin Navy
Trousers William Charcoal
William Charcoal
Trousers Yorkshire Tweed Green
Yorkshire Tweed Green
Trousers Harris Tweed Mustard
Harris Tweed Mustard
Trousers Yorkshire Tweed Blue
Yorkshire Tweed Blue
Trousers Yorkshire Tweed Brown Red
Yorkshire Tweed Brown Red
Trousers Yorkshire Tweed Green Pink
Yorkshire Tweed Green Pink
Trousers Edward Mustard
Edward Mustard
Trousers Martin Green
Martin Green
Trousers Martin Navy Multicheck
Martin Navy Multicheck
Trousers Francis Blue Red
Francis Blue Red
Trousers Martin Navy Triple
Martin Navy Triple
Trousers Martin Bronze
Martin Bronze
Trousers Edward Navy Red
Edward Navy Red
Trousers Edward Grey
Edward Grey

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Men’s tweed trousers

Comfortable and good-looking tweed trousers for men can be worn together with a tweed jacket or in combination with things from other materials. Tweed trousers match with knitted waistcoats and pullovers best of all. By these means, your image will have a trace of elusive English stylishness. You will feel like a gentleman, who has just visited a horse race or had a walk in Hyde Park.

Tweed clothes are meant for walks in the open air, not for being inside. Buy men’s tweed trousers, if you often need to go through the city or work outside the office much the time. Tweed fabric is quite heavy, thick and hard. But tweed trousers are always made with a thin lining of smooth silky fabric which precludes discomfort caused by contact of the body with rough wool.

Men’s tweed trousers: historical notes

In the 1920s tweed trousers for men were buttoned up or hooked up. Zip fasteners came into use only in the middle of the 30s. By the way, men of the world have cuffs of the trousers thanks to George, Prince of Wales of that time, who invented this decorative detail.

Tweed trousers ¾

Tweed breeches had their peak of popularity in the 30s of the last century. Englishmen wore these short-cut trousers even for a walk at the weekends. Tweed trousers were made both of one-colour tweed and of checked fabric, tartan. The most popular colours were brown, grey and beige in different combinations.

The main adherent of various men’s tweed suits and trousers ¾ was Duke of Windsor, Prince of Wales. In modern English history, he is mostly famous for his abdication for the sake of marriage with a divorced American woman, Wallis Simpson. In the 30s, this remarkable young man by personal example tried to bring into casual men’s fashion his favourite trousers’ length ¾. Many outstanding dandies became his followers but overall this fashion was not adopted by the public.

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