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Tweed skirts

Fashion is changeable, and there is often nothing new except what has been forgotten. Tweed skirt is not an exception from this rule.

For the first time tweed skirt was seen in 1954, when the famous designer Coco Chanel presented her new collection to the public. She made women’s tweed costume which had slim-waisted jacket and tight skirt.

Before that women never wore tweed clothes because this thick and rough woollen fabric was considered to be applicable for making-up men’s suits and coats only.

But the novelty was quite opportune; women liked it at once because of its convenience, elegance and utility. La Grande Mademoiselle could feel needs of time as no one else. Owing to her we have now not only the well-known perfume and the little black dress but also many of the other things that today seem to be casual. Bag with a long handle which sets hands free and straight tweed skirts belong to such things.

Besides, Coco Chanel believed, that skirt must cover the lap because it is the most unattractive part of woman’s body. This statement is questionable, and from 1954 tweed skirt was changed in cut and length many times but women liked it as before.

Modern tweed skirt

If you want to buy a tweed skirt, you can be sure that it will join your formal wardrobe perfectly. The skirt made from high-quality fabric is very appropriate for a walk and for a business meeting. A true tweed fabric is not very pleasant by touch because of its rough and thick texture, so tweed skirt usually has a lining at full length.

There are generally classical models of tweed skirts. Pencil skirt about knee-length with high-heeled shoes looks harmonious in the office. This design combines femininity, elegance and businesslike manner.

Tweed skirt matches with jacket or jupe of the same tweed fabric best of all but it also can be worn with clothes from other materials (for example with strict silk blouse). Here is one of the advantages of the classical models: they can be easily combined almost with your entire wardrobe!

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