All about tweed jackets

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Before the appearance of tweed jacket which are called classical there was a lot of similar models of men’s clothes. Aristocrats in Europe wore camisoles (a long single-breasted jacket without lapels), bourgeois — jupes, actors — full evening dresses, bankers — dinner jackets.
Modern tweed jackets, as their old predecessors, are decorated with sleeve buttons. Colour and size of these elements are fixed with the design of an item. Mostly, no more than four buttons are used for making-up tweed jackets.
One look at buttons of tweed jacket is enough, to understand, if it was sewed in Great Britain or in the USA.
English tweed jacket is usually fastened with two, most of all leather or bone buttons. American tweed jacket has also two buttons and, generally, one slit behind.
What is the Norfolk jacket? This term identifies a peculiar cut and design of a jacket. It can also mean that it is about a jacket intended for wearing without identical suit trousers. So this jacket can be worn with almost any trousers, even with jeans. But let us have a look at other features of the Norfolk jackets.
Jackets of tweed or another fabric can be a part of two-piece outfit or specific item. If a model has sport cut, and you are not going to spend a day in the office or to go to the business meeting or conference, it is not obligatory to obey courtesy rules: to wear, for example, a T-shirt or polo-neck shirt and shuffle on blazer.
Tweed jackets appeared in the end of the 19th century. They were intended for activities, such as hunting. As the legend says, tweed jacket was used at first in the estate of the Duke of Norfolk. Owing to this the second name of the item appeared.
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