Tweed fashion

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If it’s seems to you that gentlemen live only in London, what is more, in London of the 19th century, a pleasant news waits for you. Today there are also gentlemen and they can live anywhere.
The time, when every dog needed only a simple collar and a lead, has passed long ago. Fashion brands offer the most modern items from “the latest collections” for your pets. But what should one choose?
Karl Lagerfeld turned tweed into a real piece of art — a hymn to cheerfulness, ode to the modern art, explosion of summer colours and embodiment of the boldest ideas.
The name of famous Coco Chanel is known to everyone. Designer, couturiere, creator of innovative for her time attires and accessories. It is she who clothed woman in the little black dress, trousers, tweed costume.
Minimalism in clothing is no more popular; today oversize style is in demand. Loose silhouettes, too big clothes, effect, as if an item in one or two sizes bigger than needed, characterize this up-to-date trend.
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