Tweed and celebrities

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Such texture as tweed couldn’t be put aside by cinematography. Apart from its beautiful outside tweed can narrate a story of a character with its exterior only...

Crime films can take place not only in Chicago. British film director Steven Knight told an exciting story about duel of an honest inspector with a gangster gang Peaky Blinders that subdued populous Birmingham...

For many British celebrities tweed clothes and accessories are so called must have. It’s not surprising because the famous woollen fabric is considered to be a national pride, a symbol of lifestyle and traditions of the United Kingdom...
When we think about England, one way or another we remember of the greatest detective of all time Sherlock Holmes. Pipe, violin, lodgings in Baker Street and unaltered tweed in suit’s details.
The English wear tweed waistcoats, jackets, suits and coats not to take somebody’s fancy or to enlist the respect for their traditionalism. It’s just comfortable, practical and doesn’t contradict gentleman’s look.
Bond, James Bond doesn’t need a presentation. This movie character embodies men’s English style for more than a half century. Nevertheless, when Sean Connery tried out for the part of the first Bond, author of the books about James Bond, Ian Fleming, didn’t like the actor.
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