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Jackets & Blazers Callum Utility Mustard
Callum Utility Mustard
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Callum Utility Green
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Finlay Lovat
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Finlay Mustard
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Finlay Brown
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Finlay Charcoal
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Edward Mustard
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James Grey Herringbone
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Edward Grey Donegal
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Edward Grey Multicheck
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Edward Tan Puppytooth
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Edward Grey Red
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Edward Green Red
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Edward Brown Blue
Jackets & Blazers Edward Charcoal Donegal
Edward Charcoal Donegal
Jackets & Blazers Edward Brown Donegal
Edward Brown Donegal

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Tweed jackets for men

Men's tweed jacket is pertinent at any season. Tweed protects perfectly from wind and cold, is characterized by durability and is never out of fashion.

We differ single-breasted and double-breasted tweed jackets. The first type is buttoned with one row (one to three), the second type has two rows of buttons (four to eight). Single-breasted jackets suit almost all the men regardless their height and weight. Double-breatsed jackets make a figure look fat visually, therefore they can be recommended to tall men. The jackets can be regular and slim fitted.

Men's tweed jackets

Producers of tweed jackets use different types of tweed:

  • «Cheviot». Tweed fabric level dyed in one and the same colour.
  • «Herring». Tweed fabric of different texture with Herringbone pattern.
  • «Donegal». Coarse-grained speckled tweed fabric.
  • «Houndstooth». Tweed fabric with a muster, which reminds houndstooth.
  • «Shepherd’s». Checked tweed fabric with close texture.
  • «Harris». Wearproof tweed fabric with a wide range of colours.

Owing to this diversity there are models of tweed jackets in different colours and textures in our catalogue. You can easily choose the variant which suits your taste.

How to wear a tweed jacket

Tweed jacket will be the key element of your wardrobe. This jacket can be paired both with trousers and with jeans. Combine it with coloured shirts or jumpers. But remember: the more remarkable the pattern on the jacket is, the less room there is for combinig. Highlight the accents by means of accessories, such as handkerchief for a chest pocket of the jacket, tie or bow-tie. Expriment by changing the look from casual to formal or evening wear.

The optimal decision would be to buy the most classical and conservative model. For example, the well-known Harris Tweed jacket. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone! 

Make an order online by means of cart or call us. We deliver orders in London and on the territory of Great Britain.

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