About tweed

It is difficult to imagine a men’s wardrobe without a jacket. But 100 –150 years ago this item of clothing was not so widespread. Frock was more popular than jacket in those days, though jacket is nowadays one of the most multi-purpose items in the men’s wardrobe.
Tweed jacket is an excellent item of clothing for admirers of the classical style. It suits perfectly for the cold season, protects from wind and frost. Besides, tweed jacket does not get out of shape for a long time owing to higher roughness of fabric.
Traditional Harris Tweed was characterized with soft colours, which were made of the vegetable dyestuffs. Mainly, lichens were used, which gave dark red, purple and orange rust tints. Now the fabric Harris Tweed has various colours and tints.
Accepting of the bill in the 1993 caused an appearance of a new legislative, Harris Tweed Authority, which replaced Harris Tweed Association, that was created in the 1909.
Harris Tweed is situated on the remote islands Outer Hebrides and exported in more than 50 countries of the world, beginning with traditional markets of Europe, North America and the Far East until BRICS.
Harris Tweed Act of the 1993 confirms that every Harris Tweed meter corresponds to the hard standards. If you see the traditional Harris Tweed logotype (Orb Mark), you can be sure, that fabric was produced on the islands Outer Hebrides.
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