About tweed

The tweed fabric is considered to be a part of rich cultural heritage of Great Britain by right. The tweed fabric derives from Scotland. In the middle of the 19th century a merchant from London got a letter from a Scotch textileman with a detailed description about advantages of this fabric.
Tweed tie is a quite rare accessory in the wardrobe of a modern man. Majority of men get used to wear silk ties. However, it is worth it, to pay attention to a tweed tie as it has a lot of advantages.
Many men cannot imagine a cap as a fashion accessory. The bright and original headwear is considered to be a retiree item or a thing for troubled adolescents on the outskirts.
If you want to know all about England, read The Forsyte Saga by Galsworthy. Life of several generations of English families with their traditions, hopes and strivings is reflected in this immortal piece of work.
Choosing accessories to an available suit gives a woman a great pleasure. Bags, gloves, scarves and neckerchiefs are the very things that help to create an individual image
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