About tweed

Harris Tweed company based its production on the old ancestral traditions and cooperates successfully with the best designers of Europe.
Limited number of the models Harris Tweed Chuck Taylor was produced as a result of collaboration together with Harris Tweed in 2012 in Japan. The whole run was snapped up very quickly.
Topman clothes are enormously popular: it is favourite among hipsters, fashionists and all those who want to be on trend. By the way, English traditions are also at the height of popularity.
Sport clothes are intended not only for exercises and trainings. Sport shoes, hoodies, loose pants and other items have found their way into daily routine long ago.
When the majority of the continental Europeans think about tweed, they mean Harris Tweed. This fabric is coarse-textured and wearproof and sometimes can be called the English tweed. This material is manufactured in many intense colours and is very suitable for warm sports jackets to wear in the country.
Tweed yarn appeared in Scotland. Hard sheep wool was used for its producing. Classical tweed yarn is a close no-twist yarn which has outstanding thermal characteristics and high durability. This yarn was hard and itchy to the touch.
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