About tweed

Heavy and hard fabric made of sheep wool, namely tweed, is known since the 19th century. Great Britain (and namely Scotland) is considered to be tweed’s homeland.
In the height of summer one just can’t think about forthcoming cold weather! But it is said to repair a cart in December, so let’s speak about fashion tweed accessories for autumn.
Those, who like all genuinely British and who want to dress like Londoner ladies and gentlemen, will especially adore putting on a suit or a coat arrived from the United Kingdom.
When buying a new coat, every man wants to get a functional durable item. Such an item, which would be appropriate for all of life's emergencies.
Do you want to wear tweed jacket with pullover? There are some surprises for you!
Classical tweed suit, which almost hasn’t changed since Dickens, becomes more and more popular as formal clothes. Indeed, it’s unfair, that such a hard-wearing material is limited with street fashion.
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